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Monday, July 24, 2017
mikes Baseball Wants


Welcome to My Website. I am a member of

TB-Tradingbases and VCT Vintage Card Traders

I collect anything Tigers G/U Inserts  I also collect any HOFers

My favorite players are Ryan--Ripken--Mays--Jeter--Griffey-Kaline--Cabrera--Gehrig

My New Tiger Want list I am going to try and collect each player on a tigers team from 1986 back to 1952 Here is my list so far below my regular want list, i am adding years and names as i get them, Plmk if you have any to trade.

Thanks for looking

  *Coming in Trade

MY Vintage Site   



1997 Topps Need   13 Jeter, 275 CL, 277 UER Chipper Jones incorrectly #'d 276                              

2001 Topps Need   726 Ichiro


2002 Topps Need 365, 371, 385, 550, 617, 622, 716 

2007 Topps U&H Need 229 

2009 Topps Need   644

2013 Topps O-Day  88 116 117 161 210

2014 Topps O-Day  NEED     66, 80,  94,  112, 131, 134, 145, 185, 193,

2014 Topps Camo
660, 653, 650, 645, 643, 634, 630, 629, 625, 623, 613, 610, 604, 603, 602, 600, 597, 593, 591, 587, 581, 580, 579, 576, 564, 557, 553, 552, 545, 540, 539, 537, 528, 523, 521, 515, 512, 510, 508, 502, 493, 489, 482, 481, 480, 475, 474, 459, 452, 439, 425, 414, 413, 401, 400, 396, 390, 378, 375, 368, 364, 360, 358, 341, 335, 332, 331, 330, 329, 321, 318, 301, 297, 294, 284, 283, 275, 266, 254, 253, 225, 218, 217, 215, 210, 204, 195, 192, 179, 168, 166, 155, 150, 148, 143, 133, 119, 113, 108, 103, 100, 97, 91, 86, 77, 73, 71, 63, 57, 53, 50, 46, 44, 42, 36, 33, 31, 24, 19, 18, 16, 15, 1

2016 Topps Heritage High #'s Need  713 Aledmys Diaz SP  

2017 Topps O-Day Set #2 Need 58 78 107 143 148


Football  1994 Topps Archives the 1956 Series Need  11 15 63 78 85 89 112 114

1995 Topps Archives the 1957 Series Need   14 18 30 35 66 71 81 86 94 95 98 107 120 124 125 134 137 145


My New Tiger Want lists Updated 7/23/17

Tigers 1986 Topps COMPLETE

Tigers 1985 Topps COMPLETE

Tigers 1984 Topps

522Dave Bergman  325Darrell Evans  Barbaro Garbey  199Willie Hernandez 327Ruppert Jones  598Rusty Kuntz  224Sid Monge   

195Jack Morris 457Dave Rozema



Tigers 1983 Topps

627Doug Bair 724Johnny Grubb  Aurelio Lopez


Tigers 1982 Topps

627Enos Cabell  Larry Herndon  Mike Ivie  Chet Lemon  Elias Sosa  Alan Trammell  Jerry Turner

Tigers 1981 Topps

123Al Cowens Bill Fahey 150Mark Fidrych Mick Kelleher  Kevin Saucier  

Tigers 1980 Topps

176Champ Summers   251Kip Young 666Chris/Greene/Robbins

Tigers 1979 Topps

388Jack Billingham 272Tim Corcoran   625Mark Fidrych 343Ed Gylnn 151John Hiller  251Jack Morris  176Aurelio Rodriguez  541Jim Slaton 692Mickey Stanley  80Jason Thompson  288Milt Wilcox 231Johnny Wockenfuss 706Stegman/Tobik/Young Detroit Tigers

Tigers 1978 Topps

684Ralph Houk  Tom Veryzer 

Tigers 1977 Topps

Mark FidrychRC  Pedro Garcia  Steve Grilli   Bruce Kim Dave Roberts Mickey Stanley Rusty Staub


Tigers 1975 Topps

371Gates Brown 599Nate Colbert 397Bill Freehan 323Fred Holdsworth 4Al KalineHL 546John Knox 116Lerrin Lagrow 593Gene Lamont 628Ron LeFlore 571Dave Lemanczyk 245Mickey Lolich 271Jerry Moses 497Jim Nettles 344Ben OgLive 89Jim Ray 221Aurelio Rodriguez 141Mickey Stanley 522Gary Sutherland 18Detroit Tigers

Tigers 1974 Topps

240Joe Coleman 506Ed Farmer 115Willie Horton 578 Ralph Houk 215Al Kaline 72Aurelio Rodriguez Gary Sutherland 94Detroit Tigers

Tigers 1973 Topps

508Gates Brown 633Ike Brown  448John Hiller 433Willie Horton 560Frank Howard 240Al Kaline 349Dick Mcauliffe 168Jim Northrup 660Fred Scherman 537Bill Slayback 88Mickey Stanley 413Tom Timmerman

Tigers 1972 Topps

284Ike Brown Les Cain 150Norm Cash 640Joe Coleman 176Tom HallerIA 494Willie Horton 600Al Kaline

Tigers 1971 Topps 

599Norm Cash   Russ Nagleson  



Tigers 1970 Topps 

682 Dalton Jones  640 Al Kaline   661Jerry Robertson

554Tom Timmerman 698Tom Tresh

Tigers 1969 166 World Series Game 5Al Kaline   Willie Horton   13Mickey Stanley   443Don Wert  

Tigers 1968 Topps 285Dick Mcauliffe    78Jim Northrup  Mayo Smith  360Willie Horton  

Tigers 1967 Topps 

263Hank Aguirre 540Norm Cash 48Bill Freehan 465Willie Horton 30Al KalineDP 588Johnny Klippstein 88Mickey Lolich 247Jerry Lumpe 482Bill Monbouquette 408Jim Northrup 352Ray Oyler 449Orlando Pena 284Johnny Podres 571Larry Sherry 321Mayo Smith 607Mickey Stanley 559Dick Tracewski 394Jake Wood (216Bengal Belters Cash-Kaline) 526Dobson/Korince

Tigers 1966 Topps

113Hank Aguirre 362Gates Brown 315Norm Cash 98Dom Demeter 187Chuck Dressen 472Terry Fox 145 Bill Freehan 337Fred Gladding 410Al Kaline 455Mickey Lolich 161Jerry Lumpe 495Dick Mcauliffe 569Orlando McFarlane 540Denny Mclain 429Bill Monbouquette 527Julio Navarro 554Jim Northrup 239Orlando Pena 289Larry Sherry 267Joe Sparma 198Mickey Stanley 597John Sullivan 378Dick Tracewski 509Jake Wood 583Detroit Tigers

Tigers 1965 Topps

522Hank Aguirre 19Gates Brown 153Norm Cash 429Dom Demeter 538Chuck Dressen 576Terry Fox 390Bill Freehan Jack Hamilton 471Billy Hoeft 206Willie Horton 130Al Kaline 335Mickey Lolich 353Jerry Lumpe 53Dick Mcauliffe Orlando McFarlane 236Denny Mclain 563Julio Navarro 306Bubba Phillips 454Ed Rakow 408Larry Sherry George Smith 587Joe Sparma 83George Thomas 271Don Wert 375Dave Wickersham 547Jake Wood 259Northrup/Oyler 493Roman/Brubaker 593Moore/Sullivan 173Detroit Tigers


Tigers 1964 Topps

39Hank Aguirre Gates Brown 98Billy Bruton Norm Cash 58Dom Demeter 443Chuck Dressen Bill Freehan Terry Fox 250Al Kaline 197Frank Lary 128Mickey Lolich 165Jerry Lumpe Dick Mcauliffe Don Mossi Julio Navarro Ed Rakow Phil Regan Larry Sherry George Thomas 19Don Wert 181Dave Wickersham 312Fisher/Gladding Horton/Sparma 67Detroit Tigers

Tigers 1963 Topps

Hank Aguirre 379Bob Anderson Billy Bruton Jim Bunning Norm Cash Rocky Colavito 278Chico Fernandez 44Terry Fox Paul Foytack 516Purnal Goldy Whitey Herzog Al Kaline Ron Kline Howie Koplitz 140Frank Lary Dick Mcauliffe 164Bubba Morton 530Don Mossi Bubba Phillips Phil Regan Mike Roarke 134Bob Scheffing Gus Triandos Coot Veal Vic Wertz Jake Wood (Tiger Twirlers) Detroit Tigers


Tigers 1962 Topps

407Hank Aguirre 261George Alusik 62Steve Boros 438Dick Brown 335Billy Bruton 460Jim Bunning Norm CashSN Rocky Colavito 314Colavito Power Rocky ColavitoSN 173Chico Fernandez 196Terry Fox Paul Foytack Al Kaline Al KalineSN Ron Kline 114Howie Koplitz 474 Frank Lary 506Charlie Maxwell Dick Mcauliffe Bubba Morton 105Don Mossi Larry Osborne 366Phil Regan 416Bob Scheffing Don Wert 481Vic Wertz 427Jake Wood (Bobs Pupils) 24Detroit Tigers


Tigers 1961 Topps

Hank Aguirre Steve Boros 83Bob Bruce 251Billy Bruton Jim Bunning Norm Cash 269Harry Chiti Rocky Colavito 112Chico Fernandez Bill Fischer 459Terry Fox 171Paul Foytack 284Dick Gernert 429Al Kaline Al KalineSN 37Charlie Maxwell 439Phil Regan George Thomas 67Ossie Virgil 514Jake Wood 51Detroit Tigers

Tigers 1960 Topps

546Hank Aguirre   531Sandy Amoros  6Lou Berberet  Frank Bolling  Rocky Bridges  502Jim Bunning  488Norm Cash  Neil Chrisley  Jerry Davie  Jimmie Dykes  Gail Harris  50Al Kaline 561Al KalineAS  443Charlie Maxwell  Tom Morgan  418Don Mossi 161Ray Narleski  Larry Osborne  141Jim Proctor  Red Wilson 245Eddie Yost  461(Tiger Coaches)  72Detroit Tigers


Tigers 1959 Topps

Hank Aguirre 504Ossie Alverez 280Frank Bolling 331Steve Boris Rocky Bridges Jim Bunning 354Pete Burnside 189Neil Chrisley 256Jerry Davie Larry Doby 233Paul Foytack Johnny Groth Gail Harris 343Billy Hoeft 360Al Kaline Al KalineAS Harvey Keene Frank Lary 132Don Lee 481Charlie Maxwell 545Tom Morgan 302Don Mossi Ray Narleski 524Larry Osborne 511George Susce Coot Veal Ozzie Virgil Herm Wehmeier Red Wilson Eddie Yost Gus Zernial (Kaline Baseball Thrills) (Pitchers Beware) Detroit Tigers

Tigers 1958 Topps

Hank Aguirre Reno Bertoia Frank Bolling Ray Boone Harry Byrd Steve Boris 115Jim Bunning Paul Foytack Johnny Groth 309Gail Harris 345Jim Hegan Billy Hoeft Al Kaline Harvey Keene Frank Lary Charlie Lau Billy Martin 380Charlie Maxwell 365Tom Morgan J.W.Porter Bob Shaw 319Lou Skizas 46 Lou Sleater 389Bill Taylor Tim Thompson Vito Valentinetti Red Wilson 112Gus Zernial (Tigers Big Bats) Detroit Tigers

Tigers 1957 Topps

141Al Aber Frank Bolling Reno Bertoia Ray Boone Jim Bunning Jack Crimian Jack Dittmer 248Jim Finigan 77Paul Foytack 258Steve Gromek 60Billy Hoeft 223Frank House Al Kaline Bob Kennedy Harvey Kuenn Frank Lary Don Lee Duke Maas Charlie Maxwell Jack Phillips 238Eddie Robertson Jim Small 357Earl Torgeson 72 bill Tuttle 19Bob Wilson 198Detroit Tigers


Tigers 1956 Topps

Al Aber Babe Birrer Ray Boone Jim Brady Jim Delsing 310Steve Gromek 318Fred Hatfield Billy Hoeft Frank House 20Al Kaline Harvey Kuenn Frank Lary Duke Maas Bob Miller Jim Small Earl Torgeson Bill Tuttle Red Wilson Virgil Trucks Detroit Tigers

Tigers 1955 Topps

Reno Bertoia Ray Boone Jim Delsing Ferris Fain Ray Herbert Frank House Al Kaline Harvey Kuenn Bob Miller J.W.Porter

Tigers 1954 Topps

238Al Aber 88Matt Batts 131Reno Bertoia 77Ray Boone 111Jim Delsing 18Walt Dropo 44Ned Garver 190Ray Herbert 193Johnny Hoop 163Frank House 201Al Kaline 219Charlie Kress 25Harvey Kuenn 167Don Lund 241Bob Miller 63Johnny Pesky 197Schoolboy Rowe 65Bob Swift 224Dick Weik

Tigers 1953 Topps

239Jim Delsing 121Walt Dropo 112Ned Garver 163Fred Hatfield 165Billy Hoeft 72Fred Hutchinson 194Eddie Kazak 277Don Lund 99Dave Maddison 228Hal Newhouser 211J.W.Porter 113Jerry Priddy


Tigers 1952 Topps

230Matt Batts 222Hoot Evers 192Myron Ginsberg 25Johnny Groth 354Fred Hatfield 370Billy Hoeft 146Frank House 238Art Houtteman 126Fred Hutchinson 246George Kell 104Don Kollawoy 89Johnny Lipon 103Cliff Mapes 275Pat Mullen 28Jerry Pridoy 296Red Rolfe 234Steve Souchock 208Marlin Stuart 181Bob Swift 39Dizzy Trout 262Virgil Trucks 244Vic Wertz


















































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